During October 11st to 13rd, China launched a China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE) in Hebei Province.

As China launches a science and technology innovation board (STIB, or STAR Market) through the Shanghai Stock Exchange and experiments with a registration system for listed companies, a market mechanism with high standard and efficient operation has been established for non-governmental capital to enter high-tech sector, thus improving the efficiency of resource allocation.

Approximately 200 brokers, entrepreneurs, and scholars were invited to the summit that focused on the development of the STIB, exchanging ideas about the role capital and industrial services in the era of digital economy and how these can empower the high-quality development of Hebei province. 

At this forum, Dr. Young-Dall Lee gave a presentation on the subject of ‘Digital Labors and A.I. in the Finance Industry”.

In his presentation, the finance industry has the fastest pace in commercializing and applying artificial intelligence technology into daily uses. It has already passed the “accept” phase, and when the regulations regarding the A.I. are reformed, the finance industry would turn into a full-fledged focus on “Digital finance” along with “artificial intelligence + blockchain”. JPMorgan Chase could be a good instance for digital finance.

He also highlighted “The End of the Middle Zone” in the Era of Digital Labors, and the human work force will face a tremendous change in its form.

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