The Future Academy, NYET, presents a futuristic alternative model of early childhood education with world-class education professionals. 

Regular school curriculum perfectly complements the limitations of “English kindergarten / international school in Korea / early study-abroad” with the restoration of the nature of kindergarten education. The after-school professional curriculum supplements the deficiencies of the general (public and private) kindergarten.

We empower our future generations to grow as global talent through world-class kindergarten education.

Our Philosophy

The Future Academy, NYET educates each child to discover their potential and manifest it in their ‘Future Life’. For “A World-Class Whole Person Education for our children’s future life“,  we aim for the balanced and world-class 1) Educational Philosophy, 2) Educators, 3) Pedagogy & Curriculum, 4) Educational Infrastructure, and 5) Educational Leadership.

We carry out the education by mission.


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