We are excited to announce that on July 20, 2020, the New York Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology® (NYET), known as the Powerhouse for Innovation & Entrepreneurship™, published a groundbreaking report titled <A Comparative Study on the K-12 Curriculums of South Korea, New York (NY), and California (CA) State)> on its official website.

The report aims to address the challenges faced by the Korean education system and provide a useful reference by comparing it with the K-12 education programs of public schools in New York and California. Additionally, the report offers case studies of three college preparatory high schools in the United States.

Through their extensive research, NYET has shed light on the differences between these educational systems, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in each. This report is an invaluable resource for educators, policymakers, and parents alike, providing a roadmap for improving K-12 education in Korea and beyond.

We applaud NYET for its groundbreaking research and its dedication to improving education worldwide. Their report is a testament to their commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship in all aspects of society.

A full version of the report can be found at the NYET Publication: <A Comparative Study on the K-12 Curriculums of South Korea, New York(NY), and California(CA) State>.

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