We, NYET invited our faculty members who are the leading experts and professors in New York to host ‘Digital Finance MBA 2018’ from April 23rd to 25th.


April 23rd


Dr. Edgar Troudt was the first speaker of Digital Finance MBA 2018. Dr. Troudt and the guests had a deep conversation about artificial intelligence and machine learning with the case study of “Amelia”, a world’s first AI-based bank teller.

April 24th

Keynote speaker of 24th was Savvas Mavridis, CEO of Carta Primo. He mentored the guests about crypto-currency and blockchain which are also hot topics in Korea. The guests showed a huge interest in having a conversation with Mr. Mavridis and Principal Lee even during the lunchtime.

April 25th


On the very last day of Digital Finance MBA, Savvas from the 2nd day has continued his mentoring in the first section. He has lectured about new business models in finance. At the second section, Dr. Edward Rogoff led the mentoring regarding the future of the finance industry. The guests participated enthusiastically and spent a meaningful networking session with Principal Lee and Dr. Rogoff.

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