NYET, New York Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology®️, is the Powerhouse for Innovation & Entrepreneurship™.

NYET, New York Institute of Entrepreneurship & Technology, is The Powerhouse for Innovation & Entrepreneurship™. We empower the world’s future leaders who can lead the era of the entrepreneurial economy. In the form of education, research, and consulting activities, we are expanding our impact throughout the world. For education, it ranges from pre-K education to executive education for C-suite levels. Our every activity is highly connected to one another to achieve the goal of ‘Empowering the World’s Future Leaders‘.

NYET, as the Global HQ of our international presence, presents directions and methodologies to achieve our mission and strategic goals in a detailed manner across the globe. Our office is located at 85 Broad St., the center of New York City. Based on our professional experiences and network in New York City, we aim to solve the essential and fundamental problems in our society with strategic approaches.

We aim to ‘Empower the World’s Future Leaders™’

With independently developed pedagogies including The 7 Step Model for Entrepreneurial Leaders™, The Hexagon Model for Entrepreneurial Experts™, The Immersion-Lab-based Experiential Learning Model™, we aim to empower Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Leaders across the globe.

To get help with your cooperation, inquiries, job search, etc., please send it to ketnyet@gmail.com or soyoung.oh104@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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